A Walk on the Wetlands

Yesterday we were blessed with one of those bright blue Spring days. The sky was clear and the air was almost warm when off we went to the Newport Wetlands, an RSPB sanctuary for birds and wildlife. It sits on the estuary at the edge of Newport city and despite its industrial setting, offers lovely walks where you can observe many different bird species and listen to their glorious singing. Of course, it being Mothers day, we were not the only ones who wanted a peaceful walk but we managed to time our arrival in the afternoon so that we missed most of the crowds.


The best part of the walk for me was that one of the swans was feeling particularly brave, and swam to within a couple of feet of where I stood watching- camera in hand. It is not often that the swans come so close and this one in my photos was drifting lazily on the current, preening and cleaning its feathers- completely at ease with its fascinated audience! I also managed to photograph some Canada geese and although I tried to catch a sparrow hawk in action, my camera lens doesn’t have particularly good zoom capabilities so sadly I have no decent photos of the sparrowhawk to show you. On the plus side, I now have some fairly decent reference photos of swans and geese for future drawings.



3 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wetlands

  1. What a lovely walk! And wonderful photos. And now I can’t wait to see your drawings of swans and canada geese! April weather has already started! This weekend we had 15-18 degrees!! Today it was supposed to snow in Stockholm and degrees around 0! (I have spent the day in Göteborg so I don’t know if the snow actually came at home! On the train home now, 8 pm!) Crazy weather but we know spring will eventually win this battle of seasons! 🙂 But until the battle is completely won we need to really make the most of those few clear sunny warm days! Love this post. Hugs!!


  2. Thanks Marie! It was such a lovely day and the wetlands is a strangely peaceful place despite the industrial setting, I love to take walks there. I will post some photos of any drawings I do of the birds, glad you enjoyed the blog post ❤

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