Garden Visitors

With the Spring came the plants, and swiftly the birds have followed. Rain or sunshine they are flitting around my small urban garden, chattering to each other over the bird feeder or serenading me with their beautiful song.

Sparrows under the tree, Jen Doyle 2017

Up until last weekend, I had seen sparrows, robins, jackdaws, magpies, blackbirds…the odd song thrush and depending on weather- seagulls soaring gracefully overhead. But then yesterday I heard an unfamiliar birdsong floating in through the open window and when I looked out, there were two beautiful gold finches on the bird feeder. It was quite breezy yesterday so the feeder was swinging around a bit but breeze or no breeze, those finches were very determined to get to the sunflower hearts inside- it was quite entertaining to watch their acrobatics!

Gold Finches, Jen Doyle 2017

I’m currently taking my bird photos through the dining room window so apologies for the slight fuzziness on them- I have added a tripod to my wish- list! I managed to photograph a very clever jackdaw who after much deliberation, figured out a way to get at the fat ball. Having looked at it, poked at it and hopped around it on various branches for a time, the jackdaw grabbed the netting containing the fat- ball with his beak and then used a claw to brace it on the tree branch while eating the contents- a very resourceful bird indeed…

Jackdaw, Jen Doyle 2017

Our garden robins have a very soft and fluffy chick to feed so I only see them very fleetingly at the moment, but I did find this drawing I did before we moved house last year, I hope you like it.

A Curious Robin, Jen Doyle 2017



One thought on “Garden Visitors

  1. Wonderful post – I feel like I was there with you when I read it! What a relaxing feeling to be able to study the birds outside the windows like that. <3. Love the drawing – so cute!! ❤ (Hey, your wish for a tripod will come true – it is on its way as soon as I have ten minutes left to pack it and bring it to the post office! 😉 NOT forgotten! )


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