31 Horses, and Doing it Anyway!

I started sharing my art on Instagram roughly four months ago. Initially I was very hesitant because my art is something very personal to me and even though I have sold some pieces and get positive feedback, there is always a part of me that worries that it just isn’t good enough. But a very creative person and one of my most favourite people in the world kept saying “do it…do it…do it Jen!” She is an amazing person who has faced fear many times in her life, and “did it” anyway, so taking my inspiration and a leaf from her book, I faced my fear and started putting my art “out there”.

In the few short months I have been publicly sharing my art I have been getting really good feedback and have been approached by galleries about exhibiting with them and more recently have been asked to design postcards to sell locally- how cool is that?! I now wonder why I didn’t put my art out there years ago? I think the answer to this is that I simply wasn’t ready to do it before now.

Some of the 31/100horse themed drawings, all artwork by Jen Doyle

As an artist, I find Instagram to be a very inspiring thing. There are so many different kinds of artists on there who work in all kinds of media and who share their creative processes- it’s so fascinating- I could happily pass an hour just exploring! And every now and then you come away with ideas to play with. One thing I have seen floating around is the 100 day project. The official project has it’s own theme as you can see if you click on the link in the last sentence but you can also pick your own theme and set your own start/finish dates. I decided to go with my own theme, which is horses because I have had a lifelong love affair with them, and my goal, is to complete 100 horse related artworks. I have 31 horse themed drawings/paintings done to date- should be more like 40, but there are days I don’t get near my studio so I’m working away at it whenever I can until I reach 100, however long it takes!

More of the 31/100 horse themed drawings, all artwork by Jen Doyle

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