Bringing My Art to Archery

My daughter’s idea of archery! by Jen Doyle

Archery is one of things that had been on my bucket list of things to try for years. Ever since I saw Robin Hood as a child, I wanted to try it out. Two years ago, after we moved to Newport, South Wales I finally got the chance to try it when we found a club not far from where we lived, and I dragged my partner and daughter along- first session was free 🙂 I think Bee’s idea of archery ran more to galloping around on horseback and flinging arrows left and right- think Disney’s Brave!

My Bow, artwork by Jen Doyle

Two years later we are all archers and will be trying our luck at our first tournament at the end of June! My bow is a Ragim Wildcat- great starter bow, but comes with very plain limbs- blank canvas says I!

Eagle design on the bottom limb, artwork by Jen Doyle

Within weeks of getting my bow, I came up with some designs- tattoo style- because of the very narrow space I had to work with (just under 4 cm wide). I used acrylic to hand paint my deigns onto the limbs of the bow and then when that was dry, I gave it three coats of varnish, and so far, so good. I have shot indoors and outdoors, in rain and scorching sunshine and two years on, both the artwork and the varnish have held up really well.

Wolf Design on the top limb, artwork by Jen Doyle

I will be upgrading to a heavier pair of limbs and will either paint the same design on those or try something new- have not yet decided, but I love how I have been able to combine two of my favourite things- art and archery.


4 thoughts on “Bringing My Art to Archery

  1. Well done Jen, The design is beautiful, you never know with more competitions you may get a few requests from fellow archer’s… as this is so unique!


  2. Oh wow so beautiful! Agree with previous poster – show this off to the archery club, and on archery sites online too – I bet there are many. You might get requests! I am actually pretty sure you will get requests even if it will cost more than the limbs. The talent of yours… never stops to amaze me! Hugs!!


    1. Our club is quite a small one which is nice because everyone knows everyone but we all have very different bows so not much call for my design services there lol! But I have upgraded my limbs for heavier ones and will be painting them over the next couple of weeks so watch this space ❤

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