New Visitors to the Garden

We had some new visitors to the garden this morning! I spotted a flash of red in the lavender bush and dashed for the camera- just in case. A minute later this very handsome bullfinch hopped nimbly to the pavement to gather a mouthful of dandelion fluff- I’m guessing that there’s a bit of nest building going on nearby.

Bullfinch (male), by Jen Doyle

Moments later I caught sight of the female darting around the flowerbed. Her colouring is not quite as spectacular as the male, but it was so nice to see the pair of them in my garden!

Bullfinch (female), by Jen Doyle

We get the usual house sparrows, robins, blackbirds, jackdaws…magpies and an occasional pigeon. The swallows are also back, I love watching them perform their fantastic aerial maneuvers as they hunt insects in the air.  But I’m so excited to see the bullfinches- who knows what other birds might show up over the summer!




2 thoughts on “New Visitors to the Garden

  1. What a beautiful couple! 🙂 Isn’t it amazing to watch birds and other animals doing their things? It is to me more interesting to just watch them than any TV drama or movie! It is so relaxing and fascinating at the same time. I wish I had a garden.


    1. I was so surprised to see them in the garden as they are not very common in urban gardens, but so glad to have seen them! I love to watch them, we’ve put feeders up too so you never know what might show up xx


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