The Call of the Dragon

Living in Wales, it’s very hard to ignore the fact that there are dragons everywhere I look. There is one on the national flag, they adorn castles, bridges and street corners- and pop up in unexpected places- like my local archery supplies store- some very creative soul had made a dragon out of various bow parts and then sprayed the whole thing fire engine red. It was awesome- note to self- take a photo the next time!

I had recently set myself a challenge to make 100 drawings of horses- one a day for one hundred days. No problem I thought- I draw every day anyway and love horses. I made it to around day 25 when those fierce Welsh dragons started banging on the doors of my imagination- “draw me, draw me!” they roared.  Stubbornly I ignored them, but I have learned over the years that when something tugs at me that strongly, I have to follow see it through or I won’t get peace from it. So alas, the horses have been put aside- for now, while I let the dragons of my imagination come out and play. It all started with a traditional Welsh dragon.

Welsh dragon, initial sketch and photo by Jen Doyle

I began with a quick scribble on a page torn from one of my daughters many notebooks, and followed it through with a more solid pencil drawing.

pencil sketch, art and photo by Jen Doyle

Once I had that done, I could then see in my head how I wanted it to look, so I sketched it out a third and final time and coloured it in using a mix of watercolour pencils and polychromos coloured pencils and I’m fairly happy with the results- what do you think?

the final result, art and photo by Jen Doyle



3 thoughts on “The Call of the Dragon

  1. I LOVE these kinds of posts where we can follow your creative process. I think the initial sketch itself was gorgeous. The final result – wow. THIS you could at least sell. Postcards, cups, t-shirts. How about an illustrated storybook for children about a little Welch dragon and his/her adventures??


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