Summer in My Garden

We have had a particularly warm spring this year and summer seems to be following the same trend. Under vivid blue skies and temperatures now reaching 30 degrees, my garden has exploded with vibrant colour lazily humming with bees and other pollinators drunk on nectar. In the evenings especially, night scented stock, lavender and rosemary colour the air with their luscious scents.

A bee visits my lavender! Photo by Jen Doyle

Our local house sparrow population also seems to have had a boost because everywhere I look there are the cutest little fluff- ball baby sparrows being fed by very busy parents!

Baby Sparrow getting fed by her mother- photo by Jen Doyle

I took the above photo through a slatted blind on our kitchen window. The blind makes it easy to be only feet from the birds to observe them but difficult to get the photo sharp and clear!

Pretty violas, photo by Jen Doyle

I find watching the birds to be a very peaceful pastime. Their antics in the garden as they go about their daily bird business are both fascinating and very entertaining to watch. It is heartwarming to sit outside and be a part of nature as it ebbs and flows around me. My garden is a small urban garden, but I have noticed that nature does not discriminate against garden size- if you make a place for nature, it will come, and if you take care of it- it will flourish right in front of you.


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