About Me

I’m an artist and designer working out of my sunny home studio in Newport, South Wales. I have been creating art for over 30 years and have been exploring various crafts for roughly 10 years. In between creating art, I like to explore different crafts and in particular have come to love crochet, jewellery making, and making my own sketchbooks so I recently decided to open a shop on  Folksy, a website that showcases beautiful handmade items from sellers all over the UK. Most of what I put in my store will be related to the crafts just mentioned but as I love to learn new skills and techniques, you never know what may end up in there!

I also like to spend time outside in nature whenever I get the chance, with forests and coast being favourite locations. I take much of my inspiration from the many shapes, colours and textures found in nature so my camera has become an invaluable part of my creative journey.